How to buy

We’d like to have access to a platform that offers the possibility to sell physical products exclusively for crypto, with the price disconnected entirely from the fiat equivalent.

That platform should also maintain a rating system for each seller, to keep away scammers as much as possible.

Until now, the best we could find is openbazaar.

This platform should also offer the possibility to record the object, its ownership (with full history) and optionally its selling prices, on the blockchain. codexprotocol seems to be the closest to this at the time of this writing.

OriginProtocol seem to be another good platform candidate, combining both the requirements above, but unfortunately, at the moment of this writing, their platform is in beta, on ETH testnet.

Until the dream platform appears, we’ll have to improvise.

Please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss about the delivery, terms and your special requests.

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Satoshi Picasso is the pseudonym chosen by the painter that crafts these beautiful blockchain paintings.

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