28 September / / bitcoin / available
Satoshi Picasso, September 2018: Imagine you’re a big Bitcoin bag holder (you know, HODLer, whale, or a big fish). And imagine a permanent Bitcoin bull market. That’s the feeling I want this original Bitcoin painting to inspire you. And your friends visiting your house and seeing this painting. Bitcoin painting: HODLer's Joy Technicalities: Materials: Oil on Canvas Size: 120cm x 120 cm (~ 47.
12 September / / bitcoin / available
Satoshi Picasso, August 2018: I wanted to illustrate the positive impact a monetary system not controlled by a central authority will have to our freedom. The painting had to show that Bitcoin is backed by energy, the essential element of the universe, not by the policy of a political regime. I wanted to create a work of art depicting the emotional roller coaster created by trading and holding crypto.
Update: This bitcoin painting is finished and available Bitcoin, the Symbol Oil on canvas: 120cm x 120cm (approx 47” x 47”). Despised by the big banks and governments, loved by people. The symbol of real money, a symbol of freedom, rebellion and self reliance: The BITCOIN Symbol. Bitcoin, the Symbol high resolution image. PS: Feel free to use the images on this site in any way you want - commercially, or not.